Top 10 Business Ideas for Women in Uganda”

top 10 business ideas for women in Uganda.

Picture this: lush green landscapes, vibrant markets, and the echo of laughter in the air. Welcome to Uganda, a nation pulsating with energy and potential. Beyond its natural beauty, Uganda holds the promise of economic transformation, and at the forefront of this evolution are the incredible women who are turning dreams into reality.

In every bustling market and tranquil village, women are emerging as catalysts for change. Their entrepreneurial spirit is the heartbeat of communities, driving not only financial growth but also weaving a tapestry of empowerment. From the bustling streets of Kampala to the serene shores of Lake Victoria, there’s a palpable sense of opportunity, and this article is your guide to unlocking the door to a world of possibilities for women in Uganda.

The power of a woman

Amidst the hills and dreams of Uganda, every woman is a story waiting to be written. Embrace the strength within, for in the pages of this article, we uncover not just business ideas but the power that turns aspirations into achievements. Join us as we navigate the journey, one filled with resilience, creativity, and the unwavering spirit of women shaping their destinies in the heart of Africa. Your story starts here, and the possibilities are as boundless as the horizon that stretches across the Pearl of Africa.”

Saloon and Cosmetics Business

saloon business in uganda.

This is the first business on our list, and I think it’s evident as we see more women than ever opening up their small salons every day. It’s beautiful to see how women these days are willing to take a leap of faith and start their businesses despite all the challenges. I think that’s courageous.

In Uganda, we have a saying that goes, “Hair is the pride of a woman,” and I believe this is true. The salon business is booming every day, especially with the rise of training institutes and smart individuals trying to make a change in the country. It is estimated that this business will continue to expand over time.

Opening up your salon can be a great idea as it is a good source of income and can be your way to financial freedom as a woman. With the right skills and mindset, you can turn this business venture into something amazing. However, there are some factors you should consider before starting this business, and these include the following:

Conditions for a Successful Salon Business:

    • Your salon should be located in a busy place or street with foot traffic. This is necessary for any business as it attracts customers.

    • Trained and experienced staff of about 3 to 5 members.

    • Good customer care is very important; a business with good customer care always retains more clients.

    • A starting capital of about 1 to 3 million Ugandan shillings, varies from person to person and depends on many factors, including personal goals and the aim of the business, among others.

So if you think this business might be what you’re exactly looking for, go for it. Just don’t forget to carry out more research, as we have only provided a sneak peek. You are worthy, you are smart, and everyone starts as a beginner, so you don’t need to have everything figured out.

Daycare Nursery.

daycare nursery business in Uganda.

This is yet another smart business idea. Women are getting smarter and more innovative with each passing day. In today’s world and a country like Uganda, where everyone is busy finding his or her way in the game of life, time to care for our kids as parents is limited. If you have a 9-to-5 job like me, I’m sure you can relate.

Now, this is where a daycare nursery comes in. A daycare nursery can be a simple place with a favorable environment for children. You can even use your own home as long as you have enough space for kids to play and enjoy their routines. Adding to that, you should have tight security; remember, security is important in this line of business. No parent wants to put their kids in a dangerous environment. Prioritize security, and the rest will follow.

Conditions for a Successful Daycare Nursery:

    • A secured place can be your home or rented premises with enough space and spacious.

    • A skilled and passionate staff of about 3 to 8 members depending on the size of your daycare nursery.

    • Simple playgrounds for kids; this is important as they will bring more children to your nursery school.

    • Firm security gives parents more confidence and trust in your project.

Note: We won’t be offering a definitive starting capital for this business, as many factors should be put into consideration. Hence, we strongly advise you to do more research and if possible, ask a friend who already operates such a project. I’m sure he or she will be willing to help. Best of luck; you’ve got this.

Tailoring and dressing business.

tailoring and dressing business

I don’t know why, but I’m just so in love with this business. Can I tell you a secret? My mother is a professional tailor, and this is how she provided for us at home. She found no shame in her job, and for that, she always has my utmost respect. She is a warrior, a fighter so resilient to the core. Thank you, mom.

With the rising population of the country and fashion trends, people want to stay on top of fashion trends and dressing styles. If you’re out there and you have a passion for dressing and making catchy designer clothes, this may be your calling in life. Women are making a decent living with this business, and with the right skills and mindset, you can also do the same. You just have to focus on producing something special, uniquely tailored just for your clients.

Conditions for the Success of this Business:

    • Rent a place in a busy area or street where you can put your work on display. You have to put yourself out there; you have to market yourself, and people need to see your work.

    • A team of 2 to 5 skilled and passionate tailors. I always emphasize teamwork because I know the power a strong team holds. A team makes your business look professional, and it will also increase your client base.

    • A good brand; consider branding your business as this will help you win big contracts since you will be working as a company.

Note: The tailoring business has existed for many years in Uganda, so it’s not a new thing. How do you make your business different from the rest? That is the ultimate question, and I will be answering this at the end of this article.

Small Hotels (Toninilya)

always have a variety of options for your restaurants.

Toninyila, are small-scale scale mostly containerized kiosks that provide services similar to that of a hotel. These small hotels are mostly located in urban centers, areas with a large population where everyone cannot afford to eat in a fancy hotel.

It is said that these small hotels provide the best food, and I can tell you from first-hand experience that it is true. Toninyila are real-life savers as they are relatively cheap, and easily accessible in most corners of the city, almost in every developing area; you always find one of these.

This is a good business option because Toninyila is easy to establish, requires relatively small capital, and is easy to operate.

Conditions for a Successful Toninilya:

    • It should be located in a busy place or street with high foot traffic.

    • Good food; I think this is obvious, this is the most important aspect of any hotel.

    • A starting capital of about 500,000 to 2,000,000 Ugx.

    • Good customer care attracts more customers to your business.

Photograph Studio.

photograph studio business for women

This is yet another perfect business idea for women in Uganda. Back in the days when I was still young, taking a photo was so precious. I remember only one man had a camera in the whole village, and we only took photos during the festive season, normally Christmas day and the 1st of January. Life was so simple yet fulfilling.

In today’s world, everything is improved and a hundred times better. Anyone can have a camera on his or her smartphone. Sometimes I feel left behind with these trends popping up every day. However, despite all of this, I realized something. Do you know what hasn’t changed over the days? The power of a picture.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words; this is true despite the changing trends. This means that you can make an honest living with this business.

At first, this business was dominated by men, but times are changing as more women are taking on the lead. This is the new Uganda; gone are the days when women stayed in the kitchen all day.

Shop Stationery.

bookshop stationary business for women

This is a popular business among women in Uganda. A bookshop stationery offers services like typing, photocopying, and printing, among others. This business is a good option because anyone can easily acquire these soft skills through computer learning. In addition, this business is suitable for women because it’s less tiresome, the necessary skills are easy to learn, and it can be a good source of income.

Conditions for a Successful Bookshop Stationary:

    • Strategic location with high foot traffic, preferably near a busy street, offices, or schools.

    • Computer skills; one should have good computer skills.

    • Good customer care.

A starting capital of about 5 to 8 million Ugandan shillings is needed to kickstart this business.

Agent Banking Business.

acquiring a high paying skill.

We already wrote a full article about starting an agent banking business, so we won’t be going into much detail. Agent banking is a system where banks use third-party agents to provide banking services to customers. This system has been gaining popularity in Uganda due to its convenience and accessibility, especially in rural areas.

I’m sure every time you visit an agent bank, you find mostly women. I guess it is because women have the best customer care or maybe this form of business is best fitted for women. Imagine being a man and sitting behind a desk all day; that’s a nightmare for me.

Conditions for a Successful Agent Banking Business:

    • A starting capital of about 8 to 15 million UGX depending on business goals.

    • Good customer care.

    • A strategic location like near a busy street with high foot traffic or near other banking institutions.

Bakery and Snacks.

bakery and snacks business in uganda

Selling quick snacks is also a good way to earn income, especially if you have the skills to make these local quick snacks. Now, when I talk about this business, I’m sure the first thing to come to your head is pancakes, samosa, mandazi, and it couldn’t be further from the truth. However, I think we should approach this business from a different angle.

Women are adding more art and finding more innovative ways to conduct this form of business, and here is a simple illustration:

    • Find a good place, preferably near the town.

    • Buy the necessary equipment and tools for this business.

    • Create a team of 3 to 5 members with skills in baking.

    • Create a business plan and calculate your estimated production capacity.

    • Brand your business. I always emphasize branding your business because branding adds a more professional touch to your business.

    • Find customers; you can supply your products to neighboring shops, and you can also hawk some products, especially the perishable ones.

Note: There is a lot to cover with this business, so we will write a completely different article explaining this business in more detail.

only a woman’s heart can know.

In the echo of “Only a Woman’s Heart,” we want to express our deepest gratitude to each one of you. Your strength, resilience, and the unique stories that only a woman’s heart can carry inspire us all. Just like the poignant lyrics remind us of the highs and lows that come with love and life, your journeys embody the spirit of endurance and hope. Thank you for being the heartbeats of Uganda, shaping its present, and nurturing its future. Your contributions are immeasurable, and your grace is a testament to the power of a woman’s heart.

Fun Fact: Ancient Wisdom of Women

In ancient civilizations, women were not just homemakers—they were skilled entrepreneurs too! From Mesopotamia to Egypt, women were adept at managing businesses, crafting goods, and even engaging in trade. These trailblazing women weren’t confined to traditional roles; they thrived as architects of commerce, showcasing the timeless spirit of female entrepreneurship. Today, as we celebrate the women shaping Uganda’s businesses, we tip our hats to the ancient sisters who set the stage for entrepreneurial brilliance throughout history. Cheers to the enduring legacy of women making their mark across the ages! 


As we draw the curtain on this journey through Uganda’s entrepreneurial tapestry, let’s stand in awe of the incredible women shaping these stories. In salons, nurseries, tailor shops, and local eateries, they’re not just conducting business; they’re composing a harmonious ode to resilience, dreams, and the spirit that defines Uganda.

To every woman contributing to this vibrant symphony, you’re crafting more than transactions; you’re weaving a legacy of strength and inspiration. The rhythm of your endeavors reverberates through communities, echoing a melody of empowerment.

So here’s to the visionary women of Uganda, the architects of a tune that resonates beyond the ordinary. May your entrepreneurial spirit continue to inspire, uplift, and compose a future where dreams dance freely. The stage is yours, and the world eagerly listens to the empowering symphony you orchestrate every day.

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