Who We Are

At Share-Afro, we are dedicated to empowering investors in Africa. With our expertise in African markets, we provide valuable insights and support to help you make informed investment decisions. Join us on this journey to unlock the potential of Africa together.

Our Team

Our Team at Share-Afro consists of passionate professionals with a deep understanding of African markets. With diverse backgrounds and expertise, we bring a wealth of knowledge to guide and support our clients. We are committed to delivering exceptional service and building long-lasting partnerships. Together, we are dedicated to helping you navigate the African investment landscape with confidence and success.


A highly accomplished entrepreneur and visionary leader, serving as the CEO and Founder of Share-Afro. With a proven track record of success in business.

Hanifa Devine

An esteemed lawyer with a proven track record, leads as the COO of Share-Afro, bringing her expertise to drive the company's success.

Mugumbu Umar

An accomplished IT specialist and founder of Umar Technologies serves as the CFO of Share-Afro, overseeing financial operations and strategic planning.



We bridge the gap between global investors and African opportunities, fostering mutual growth and development.

Trust and confidence

We serve as a catalyst for positive change, driving sustainable development and empowering future generations through strategic investments.

Economic Growth.
We empower individuals and businesses to participate in Africa's transformative journey by providing access to reliable investment information and resources.



Empowering Dreams, Embracing Diversity: Share-Afro – Your Gateway to African Success