The top 10 richest people in Kenya.

Top 10 richest people in Kenya

Are you curious about who the richest people in Kenya are? Well, chances are that you’re not the only one pondering such a question. Kenya is one of the five East African countries with a population of approximately 54 million people, according to UN estimates.

Kenya is not only blessed with beautiful landscapes and tourist scenery but also a rich historical background and a diverse cultural heritage, with the Maasai being the most popular tribe, and world-famous for their unique culture and history.

Unlike its landlocked neighbors like Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi, Kenya has access to the sea. This leaves Kenya and its inhabitants with great opportunities to engage in international trade freely and with fewer restrictions, hence making Kenya the richest and most developed country in East Africa.

Unlike other East African countries like Uganda and Burundi, Kenya has provided its citizens with equal opportunities to conduct trade both locally and internationally, with its main seaport being Mombasa and the capital city Nairobi.

Kenya’s strong currency rate on the international currency market has indeed made Kenya a superpower in East Africa, thus giving rise to some of the wealthiest individuals in Kenya and East Africa as a whole.

In this article, we are digging deeper to bring you some of the top 10 giants and richest people in Kenya. These individuals acquired their wealth in various businesses and enterprises, which include real estate, banking, insurance, transport, manufacturing, agriculture, and many more.

Join us as we bring the latest and most updated list of the top 10 richest people in Kenya, and you won’t believe who is on top and in the middle of our list. So without further delay, let’s start enjoying this list.”Top 10 richest people in Kenya

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The top 10 richest people in Kenya.

Manu chandaria ($2.5 billion)

This is the first business tycoon on our list of the top 10 richest people in Kenya, Who is Manu Chandaria? And how did he acquire all the wealth to be the richest man in Kenya?

According to Wikipedia,. Manu Chandaria is a businessman and industrialist of Indian descent, born in Nairobi in March  1929. He is a senior member of the Comicraft group of companies, a billion-dollar enterprise that has a presence in over 40 countries.

He is the CEO of various companies, including Mabati Rolling Mills Ltd, kenindia Assurance Company, Insteel Limited, Uganda Baati Limited (Uganda), and many more.

He is currently estimated to be the richest man in Kenya with a net worth of over 2.5 billion dollars.

Bhimiji Daper Shah.($750- 800)

Bhimiji Daper Shah is a Kenyan businessman, industrialist, and entrepreneur. He is the founder and chairman of Bidco Africa, a Kenyan-based and family-owned conglomerate with business operations in over 15 African countries.

If you grew up in East Africa, then am pretty sure you know what Bidco is as we have all used this product once or twice in our lives and so you know the bright mind behind it

Moi family($3 billion)

The Moi family is one of the richest families in Kenya-based on the business empire it has built over the years  with an estimated net worth of  $3 billion( Ksh 335 billion)

The Moi family has shares in local businesses, the oil industry, insurance, hotel and tourism, media, manufacturing, and the aviation industry. The Moi family also own huge tracts of land including Bahati, Nakuru country with 20,000 acres, and Kabarak with 16000 acres but the most famous reason is family is known for is that they own shares in several banking institutes which include:

Trans-national banks, Equatorial banks, Giro banks, and more financial institutions like Giant Forex Bureau and Equity stock brokers.

 Chris Kirubi (Net Worth: $600 million)

Chris Kirubi, a prominent Kenyan businessman, and entrepreneur, is widely known for his investments in various sectors of the economy. He holds a significant stake in Centum Investment Company, a leading East African investment company with interests in real estate, financial services, and FMCG. Kirubi’s wealth also stems from his investments in the manufacturing and media industries. He is the chairman of Haco Industries, one of the largest manufacturers of personal and home care products in East Africa. Additionally, Kirubi owns Capital FM, one of Kenya’s top radio stations, and has interests in the healthcare sector. With a net worth of $600 million, Chris Kirubi remains a key player in Kenya’s business landscape.

 Kenyatta Family (Net Worth: $500 million)

The Kenyatta family, one of Kenya’s most prominent political dynasties, is also among the wealthiest families in the country. The family’s wealth largely stems from its diverse business interests, which include banking, real estate, agriculture, and hospitality. Notably, the Kenyatta family has a significant stake in the banking sector, with interests in several financial institutions, including the Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA). Additionally, the family owns vast tracts of land across Kenya, further contributing to its wealth. With a net worth of $500 million, the Kenyatta family continues to wield considerable influence in Kenya’s economic and political spheres.

Atul Shah (Net Worth: $450 million)

Atul Shah is a prominent Kenyan businessman and the founder of Nakumatt Holdings, one of East Africa’s largest supermarket chains. Under Shah’s leadership, Nakumatt grew rapidly, expanding its operations across Kenya and into other East African countries. The retail giant was once considered the region’s leading retailer before facing financial challenges that led to its collapse. Despite Nakumatt’s troubles, Atul Shah remains a significant figure in Kenya’s business community. In addition to his ventures in the retail sector, Shah has investments in real estate and other industries. With a net worth of $450 million, Atul Shah’s entrepreneurial journey continues to inspire many in Kenya and beyond.

. Biwott Family (Net Worth: $1.1 billion )

The Biwott family, prominent in Kenya’s business and political spheres, has long been associated with significant wealth and influence. At the helm of this family is the late Nicholas Biwott, a former Kenyan politician and businessman who held various ministerial positions during his tenure. Known as “Total Man” due to his expansive business interests, Biwott wielded considerable power and influence in Kenya’s political landscape.

The family’s wealth is derived from a diverse portfolio of investments spanning various sectors, including energy, construction, and telecommunications. Nicholas Biwott’s involvement in the energy sector, particularly through his company, Biwott and Associates, contributed significantly to the family’s wealth. Additionally, the family has interests in real estate, with extensive property holdings in Kenya and beyond.

Despite Nicholas Biwott’s passing in 2017, the family’s legacy and business interests continue under the stewardship of his heirs. While specific details regarding the Biwott family’s net worth are not publicly disclosed, their influence in Kenya’s economic and political spheres remains palpable.

Though controversial at times, the Biwott family’s contributions to Kenya’s development and economy cannot be overlooked. Their entrepreneurial endeavors and investments have played a significant role in shaping various industries and sectors within the country.

S.K. Macharia (Net Worth: $700)

S.K. Macharia, born Samuel Kamau Macharia, is a prominent Kenyan businessman and media mogul. He is the founder and chairman of Royal Media Services, one of the largest media conglomerates in East Africa. Macharia’s journey to success began with humble origins, but his entrepreneurial spirit and vision propelled him to the forefront of Kenya’s media industry.

Royal Media Services, under Macharia’s leadership, operates several leading media outlets, including Citizen TV, Inooro TV, Radio Citizen, and Inooro FM, among others. These platforms have a significant audience reach across Kenya and the East African region, making Macharia a powerful figure in the media landscape.

Beyond his ventures in media, Macharia has interests in real estate and other sectors of the economy. His business acumen and leadership have earned him recognition both locally and internationally. While specific details about his net worth are not publicly disclosed, Macharia’s influence and contributions to Kenya’s media and business sectors are widely acknowledged.

As a self-made entrepreneur and philanthropist, S.K. Macharia’s story serves as an inspiration to many aspiring business leaders in Kenya and beyond. His dedication to excellence and commitment to societal development have cemented his legacy as one of the most influential figures in Kenya’s business community.

fun fact: 

Did you know that some of Kenya’s richest individuals have diversified their wealth across various sectors, ranging from real estate and banking to agriculture and manufacturing? This showcases their entrepreneurial prowess and adaptability in navigating diverse business landscapes to secure their positions among the wealthiest in the country.


In wrapping up, let’s celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity of Kenya’s top 10 wealthiest individuals. From humble beginnings to soaring heights, they’ve showcased the power of vision, determination, and hard work in carving out their success stories. 

Their diverse ventures not only contribute to Kenya’s economic growth but also inspire aspiring entrepreneurs across the nation. As we reflect on their achievements, let’s be reminded that with passion and perseverance, anyone can turn their dreams into reality, creating a brighter future for themselves and their communities. 

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