5 free data apps (free internet for Airtel and MTN)

Top 5 tunnel VPNs for free internet connection on Airtel and MTN

Free internet and unlimited data connection across all networks – that is music to all our ears. The ultimate question arises: how can you get free internet access on Airtel and MTN, regardless of your location? The answer may be hidden in plain sight and closer to you than you think – tunnel VPNs.

Yes, tunnel VPNs are taking the internet by storm and are becoming more popular with each passing day. So, what is a tunnel VPN? A tunnel VPN is like a secret passage on the internet; it encrypts and creates a secure tunnel between your device and a server elsewhere.

 This tunnel encrypts your data, making it unreadable to hackers or your internet provider. While it may not give you entirely “free data” in the sense of not using your data plan, it can make your data usage more secure and sometimes bypass data caps or restrictions set by the internet provider.

Now that you know the definition of a tunnel VPN and how it operates, let’s delve into five VPNs that might be exactly what you are looking for. 

However, as you’re reading this article, we want you to know that tunnel VPNs can be unreliable at times, depending on your network provider. Most of these VPNs work best on the Airtel network. Other factors may include the type of smartphone you have, the UDP country to which you’re connected, and the internet speed of your phone (e.g., 3G or 4G).

With all that said, let us dive deep into the five VPN-free data apps.

TOP 5 Tunnel VPN for free data on Airtel and MTN Networks

Am Tunnel VPN

Am Tunnel VPN takes the lead on our list as a free data app that provides unrestricted internet access, irrespective of your country or location. It holds particular popularity among Ugandans, especially within the younger demographic, and for good reason.

Am Tunnel VPN is compatible with nearly all networks and phone types. While it may experience occasional instability and be somewhat annoying ,it’s important to note that it is a free app. It can be found on Google Play or directly downloaded from Chrome, offering free internet connectivity for platforms like TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and more.

Pros of Using Am Tunnel VPN:

  •  Fast internet connection
  •  Easy installation and usage
  • Compatible with all networks and phones, requiring only an internet connection.

Cons of using Am Tunnel Lite vpn

  • The app is very unstable sometimes and it requires patience
  • The Internet can be slow at times
  • Limited bandwidth
  • It can be unstable at times
  • There can be a lot of steps involved in opening different accounts


Droid VPN has a free and paid version, the free version offers 200mbs each day while the paid version offers unlimited bandwidth, if I am being honest l prefer and always use the paid version which costs me only $9 per month, imagine only 9 bucks, you get unlimited internet, fast, secure and instant, l think that’s a good deal, l download movies, watch TikTok, watch YouTube, and everything you can think about but l guess we are discussing free data options, aren’t we?

Droid VPN

Droid VPN secures the second spot on our list as one of the pioneering tunnel VPNs available on the Play Store. What sets it apart is a unique feature – it offers a daily allowance of 200MB as long as you create an account with it.

To maximize this offer, follow the simple steps below:

1. Open as many Gmail accounts as possible, preferably around 10.

2. Visit www.droidvpn.com, proceed to the account creation section, and open 10 different accounts using the Gmail addresses from step 1.

3. Head to the Google Play App Store, download the Droid VPN app, install and open it. The app will prompt you to log in with an account.

4. This is where the trick with the 10 accounts comes into play. Ensure you label these accounts with simple names or tags for easy identification.

5. Login with the first account, let’s say account X. After logging in, connect your VPN. Account X will grant you 200MB, which can last for approximately an hour. Remember, these are not ordinary MBs; they can last longer. Once you’ve used up the 200MB, log out of account X log in to another account, and so on.

Pros of Using Droid VPN:

  •  Fast internet connection
  • Compatible with most Android phone types
  • Unlimited bandwidth when using the paid version

Cons of Using Droid VPN: 

  •  Too many steps involved in the opening of different emails
  • It can be slow at times

SRT Max Pro

SRT Max Pro stands out as an excellent tunnel VPN, and to be honest, it is arguably the best among them all, provided it is compatible with your phone. This VPN works exceptionally well when paired with Am Tunnel Lite VPN, creating a reliable backup in case one fails.

One of the standout features of SRT Max Pro is that, upon connection, it provides free internet access throughout the day. It distinguishes itself by maintaining a consistent connection without frequent disconnections, ensuring stability with a reliable data connection.

Pros of using SRT Max Pro:

  •  No connection issues
  •  Exceptional stability; once connected, it remains active all day
  •  Fast internet connection
  •  Unlimited bandwidth, allowing for extensive downloads, including movies


  • Limited compatibility with most phone types
  • Exclusive functionality on the Airtel network

Spider web VPN

Spider web VPN is yet another tunnel VPN gaining popularity, it also offers a free internet connection once connected, however, this VPN works best on the Airtel network, hence it is not advisable to use on MTN.

Pros of using spiderweb vpn

  • It is relatively fast
  • Easy to download and install
  • Cons of using spiderweb VPN
  • It isn’t compatible with most phones

EMI tunnel Vpn

EMI tunnel VPN is very similar to SRT max pro, which means that it provides similar services, it is fast, gives you instant access to the internet

Hence the pros and cons are also similar, EIM is just a newer version, we conducted some research and it has quite some nice reviews on Google Play which means it is a good app for free data

XShield Tunnel VPN

This newcomer offers a refreshing take on VPN services, bringing

a blend of security and simplicity to the table. Here’s why you might want to

give it a shot:

1.     User-Friendly Interface: XShield Tunnel VPN prioritizes ease of use, ensuring that both tech-savvy users and newcomers can navigate it effortlessly.

2.     Enhanced Security Features: With a robust focus on your online security, XShield aims to provide a safe digital environment for your internet activities.

3.     Global Connectivity: Unlock content from around the globe as XShield boasts an extensive server network, granting you access to a wider online landscape.

4.     Reliability: Experience consistent and reliable performance with XShield Tunnel VPN, delivering a stable connection wherever you go.


Using VPNs is a convenient method to gain free access to the Internet; however, it’s crucial to note that most of these VPNs require Patience as they can be unreliable. With new tunnel VPNs, popping updaily, it’s advisable to conduct your research, especially on platforms likeTelegram, where links to newly created tunnel VPNs are frequently shared.

Here’s another piece of advice: if you’re on the lookout for more affordable data plans in Uganda, consider exploring a new network called Lycamobile. This provider offers data at lower costs, promising speed, Reliability, and instant connectivity. 

The Lycamobile Uganda SIM card is priced at only UGX 10,000, with data plans including 20GB at UGX 15,000 and 50GB at UGX 30,000. This is a fantastic deal compared to other networks. So, if you ever find yourself weary of using VPNs, Lycamobile is just a step away to rescue you from data headaches.


Navigating the world of VPNs can be like exploring a vast digital universe, and these tunnel VPNs—Am Tunnel, Droid VPN, and the powerhouse SRT Max Pro—have emerged as our trusty intergalactic guides. Whether you’re conquering the endless landscapes of social media, streaming the latest blockbusters, or simply trying to outsmart data restrictions, these VPN companions have got your back.

From the nimble Am Tunnel VPN, dancing through networks with grace, to the clever Droid VPN, a master of daily 200MB maneuvers, and finally, the steadfast SRT Max Pro, standing guard as the superhero of stability—it’s a tech adventure where every byte counts.

So, fellow digital explorers, arm yourselves with these virtual swords of connectivity, explore the online realms with confidence, and may your internet endeavors be as seamless as a perfectly executed moonwalk in cyberspace! Happy surfing!

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